Transition Task Force

Tuesday February 16 , 2022

Member’s Present: Pastor John Bookshaw, Tom Coburn, Mike Faust, Kathy Marsh, Julie Price, Jaci Roark

Member’s Absent:  Ed Rosa, Sandy Rosa

1. Pastor John opened the meeting with a discussion of Matthew 25:14-30 (The Parable of the Talents) and how it applies to a congregation and what that congregation does with its gifts.

2. Minutes from the January 25th meeting were approved.

3.  Julie Prices, who was absent at the first meeting, shared her experiences about when her family joined BLC and how the number of families and children in the Sunday School attracted them to our congregation.

4.  We discussed the best approach for having congregational group meetings with 8 – 10 people. Pastor John would like a couple of task force members to attend the various meetings to take copious notes so that input from members of the congregation can be incorporated into the process.  It was decided that the best approach would be to pick dates and times and have people sign up for a meeting that would work best with their schedules.  People that do not sign up can be called and invited to participate.  Pastor John will get input from the shut-ins during his visits with them.  Pastor will identify eight possible time slots for approval at our next meeting, then put them out for people to sign up. All meetings need to be done by the end of May.

5.  New Identity for Bethlehem Lutheran 

Members of the group were asked to share their vision for the Future of BLC and new ministries that they would like to see for this New Future.

                - I would like to look at the demographics of our church

                - I would like to fill the church 

                - I would like to appeal to younger people

                - I would like to meet a community need

                - I would like to have a parochial school 

                - I would like to provide a day care

                - I would like to provide pet care

                - I would like to have family activities

                - I would like to provide elderly day care (bible studies, lunches, outings, devotions)

6.  Michigan District Requirements – they have some requirements that we need to work on as the task force progresses.  Due by end of June.  This information will force us to look at ourselves critically.

  1. The life cycle of the congregation (founded, past pastors, building projects, history)
  2. Congregational Culture
  3. Performance (past ten years’ statistical report)
  4. Strategy (outreach, nurturing members, stewardship)
  5. Finances

 We will also be conducting surveys at worship services for 4 weeks in a row sometime after Easter

At our next meeting we will be looking at our mission statement.  We are going to study the banners in the sanctuary that reflect our vision statements.

Pastor John closed with prayer.  Next meeting Tuesday March 1st at 6:00 p.m.