Transition Task Force 

 Tuesday, MARCH 22, 2022 

Member’s Present: Pastor Bookshaw, Tom Coburn, Mike Faust, Julie Price, Ed Rosa, Sandy Rosa 

Member’s Absent: Jaci Roark, Kathy Marsh 

Meeting began with opening devotional reading of - Ephesians 1:1-14 Paul tells the people in Ephesus who are faithful they are Saints of God. Pastor relates it to the faithful in Bethlehem Church as the Saints of Bethlehem. We have been blessed in Christ, we don’t need anything more from God. We have it already in life! Our sinful nature has redemption in him and forgiveness of our trespasses according to his grace. We are sealed in him, when you hear the word of truth, the gospel of salvation, and believe in him with the promised Holy Spirit, who guarantees our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory. Pastor opened meeting with prayer and group prayers for members Jaci and Porter for healing and comfort, and Kathy and Craig’s safe travels. 

A quick recap of Sunday’s first congregational Task Force member’s meeting on March 20th was given and captured in notes taken from the groups comments. Tom Coburn was very impressed and glad that all participated. Pastor thought it went very well although some frustrations did surface. But on the whole Pastor was pleased with the participation and input. He felt that holding it in the Sanctuary was a better plan for discussion.

Discussion on Bethlehem Constitution and By-Laws ; Pastor revealed that there is no where in our current verbiage any mention of our ‘ministry planning’; asked us, “Is there is no future planning going on?” Advises, we need to introduce the ministry of Bethlehem as what we vision ahead, Bethlehem needs to state where we want to go. Some ideas may come directly from the congregational task meetings. Also, he explains, most Council meetings that he has attended put the ministry plan as the very first item on the agenda always discussing the future and focus first. Reports and financials are listed at the end of the agenda items and held for discussion if time prevails since, typically, Council receives monthly financial statement handouts for inclusion in it’s report. 

Bethlehem worship is experiencing a steady decline which needs to be addressed. Pastor recommends we thoroughly read through the handout he provided for 50 Ways to Increase Worship Attendance. Maybe begin to choose a few, anything that grabs your attention as a possible way to bring in new participants and begin discussion. 

Thoughts on developing a new mission statement or using our current one is open for discussion. Pastor leads us through a thought promoting exercise to chart and assist us in looking at what ministries do we have to conduct at Bethlehem:

 Bethlehem Worship and Service Sunday -Midweek Service - Traditional -Contemporary -Lent -Advent - Holy Week -Bible based - Traditional Hymns - Contemporary Music (over)

*Church Center Point (see circle): (add outside W/S circle): 

*Bible Studies: Variety of Bible studies for Adults, Youth 7-12, Kids For bible studies: -Need Pastor - Teachers - Lay Teachers 

*In our current varied bible studies we have... -22 participating adults which equates to 50% of current members in bible study. Great! 

Let’s expand that to: 

  • -Design to meet the 20-40 year old bunch - maybe hold off-site
  • -Design to reach High School bunch
  • -Design Kids Sunday School - ages pre-K to 5th grade
  • -Design off-site ideas as methods of outreach

Plan to sit down with Council to look at these possibilities. 

Our community outreach goal? Is to S E R V E T H E M Let them know We Care About You! Bethlehem has a strong fellowship in family here. Need to expand our outreach by holding some off-site bible studies telling others about Jesus, what Bethlehem represents and finding a need in the community and how to meet it. We looked at some ways we can expand on that maybe to serve the shut-in, the elderly, others? 

Now, once we erase the above information in the Church Center Point (circle) and replace it with an empty circle to identify our real Center of Focus: (one word): 

JESUS He is our focus at Bethlehem! 

Next meeting: April 5, 2022 6p.m. 

Closing prayer 

Minutes by Sandy Rosa